Apr 25, 2010


CharCharSuperstar:  had the bet time last nite  u rocked my world

KingofAllNeils:  think u meant 2 send this 2 somebody else

CharCharSuperstar: oh

CharCharSuperstar: sorry

KingofAllNeils:  understandable

KingofAllNeils:  Nick  Neil.  Very close in address book

KingofAllNeils: Or should I thank autocorrect

CharCharSuperstar:  I don’t know what 2 say

KingofAllNeils:  nothing 2 say

CharCharSuperstar:  I do this 2 much

CharCharSuperstar: fat fingers

KingofAllNeils:  lets drop it

CharCharSuperstar: K

CharCharSuperstar: coming over to taras 2morrow nite

KingofAllNeils:  was

CharCharSuperstar: oh


Apr 11, 2010


KingofAllNeils:  I know yr pissed at me but I cant find my little nicky dvd

KingofAllNeils: U still have it?  Need my nicky fix

CharCharSuperstar: cant talk

KingofAllNeils:  bs i said im sorry

CharCharSuperstar:  doesn’t matter

KingofAllNeils:  does matter its hard to see u 2 2gether

CharCharSuperstar:  u were insulting

KingofAllNeils:  he does look like that guy

CharCharSuperstar:  he does not  stop saying that

KingofAllNeils:  sorry

CharCharSuperstar:  this is why apology not helping

KingofAllNeils:  don’t need little nicky  just wanted 2cu

CharCharSuperstar: duh

KingofAllNeils:  so

CharCharSuperstar:  so

KingofAllNeils:  don’t be a bitch

CharCharSuperstar: by nell

KingofAllNeils: neil


Apr 9, 2010


KingofAllNeils:  U still have plan 2nite?

CharCharSuperstar:  no why

KingofAllNeils:  cuz I wanna see that movie and no one will go with me.  Guess people aren’t into mel gibson anymore

CharCharSuperstar:  ill go what time?

KingofAllNeils:  like 7?

CharCharSuperstar:  ok

KingofAllNeils:  or do u want dinner first

CharCharSuperstar:  sure

KingofAllNeils:  that thai place again

CharCharSuperstar:  no they don’t have booze

KingofAllNeils:  we can get drinks after movie

CharCharSuperstar:  ok

KingofAllNeils:  or we can just go to my place and crack a bottle of wine

CharCharSuperstar:  oh wait hold on brb

KingofAllNeils:  K

KingofAllNeils:  U there?

KingofAllNeils:  Charm?

KingofAllNeils: If we’re going I gotta leave now

KingofAllNeils:  Hello?

KingofAllNeils:  Hello?

KingofAllNeils:  Nevermind


Apr 4, 2010


KingofAllNeils:  yo u there need helo

KingofAllNeils:  help

CharCharSuperstar:  whats wrong

KingofAllNeils:  baking chicken not browning still raw must be done by 6

CharCharSuperstar:  how hots the oven?

KingofAllNeils:  don’t know

KingofAllNeils:  275?

CharCharSuperstar:  whoa  crank it to 350

KingofAllNeils:  how long

CharCharSuperstar:  your screwed

KingofAllNeils:  crap!!!!!!! 

CharCharSuperstar:  ditch chx whats in yr freezer

KingofAllNeils:  hold on

KingofAllNeils:  sm steak box of peas btl of vodka 2 pushpops

CharCharSuperstar:  yikes yr screwed

KingofAllNeils:  stop saying that

CharCharSuperstar:  sorry call an audible order in

KingofAllNeils:  too broke

CharCharSuperstar:  hold on

CharCharSuperstar:  4234129098723544

KingofAllNeils:  thx

CharCharSuperstar: whos for dinner

KingofAllNeils:  u dont know her

CharCharSuperstar:  oh

KingofAllNeils:  expiration?

KingofAllNeils:  exp?

KingofAllNeils:  hello

KingofAllNeils:  come on

KingofAllNeils:  thx


Apr 1, 2010


KingofAllNeils:  U there?

CharCharSuperstar:  Yes.  Whats up?

KingofAllNeils:  At work.  Bored.  Supposed to be digging a hole.  Thought of you.

CharCharSuperstar:  Thx, I guess.

KingofAllNeils:  Wait.  Here comes Max.

CharCharSuperstar:  Hello?

CharCharSuperstar:  Hello?

CharCharSuperstar:  You there?

CharCharSuperstar:  Okay, cya.  Call later.

KingofAllNeils:  Sorry.  Went for lunch.

CharCharSuperstar:  Oh.  I was waiting.

KingofAllNeils:  At lunch ran into Gary.  Gave me 2 tix to Royals game Sat. 

CharCharSuperstar:  Cool

KingofAllNeils:  great seats

CharCharSuperstar:  awesome what time?

KingofAllNeils:  I’m taking Max

KingofAllNeils:  Hello?

KingofAllNeils: Charmaine?

CharCharSuperstar:  awesome

KingofAllNeils: Unless u want to go

CharCharSuperstar:  No